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About Us

Emory Center For Neurodegenerative Disease (CND)

The major goal of Emory CND is to make major research discoveries that will help transform neurodegenerative disorders from being poorly treatable, inevitable and incurable conditions to treatable, preventable and curable conditions. Over 40 laboratories work collaboratively to integrate fundamental, translational and clinical research findings in order to enhance our understand of devasting Neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson disease (PD), ALS, frontal temporal dementia (FTD) and other related disorders. The CND also serves as a hub for training the next generation of scientists in a dynamic environment. Our trainees include diverse undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty.  

It is an exciting time in our field, as decades long-efforts to understand root causes of neurodegenerative disease have recently led to development of new therapies that do provide modest disease modification. Yet, significant unmet medical need remains, and many aspects of neurodegenerative disorders are not well understood. By working together, we will galvanize and synergize our research efforts so that they may impact patients’ lives as soon as possible.

The Emory CND has a rich tradition of making groundbreaking discoveries in the Neurogenerative research field. Dr. Allan Levey, the founding CND director, established it as a multidepartment research program in the year 2002, and that multi-department structure remains and is thriving. Indeed, CND faculty have primary appointments in numerous departments including but not limited to Neurology, Pharmacology, Human Genetics, Pathology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Further, the CND supports a NIH funded Alzheimer’s disease Research Center and a NIH funded Morris Udall Parkinson’s disease research center, as well as many other collaborative consortium grants.

I am honored to have been appointed the director of the CND in August of 2022. Working together with Dr. Nick Seyfried, who serves as the CND’s associate director, and all the CND faculty, staff and trainees, my goal is to ensure CND thrives and is a dynamic and impactful research unit. We can’t defeat neurodegenerative disorders or succeed in making healthy brain aging the norm not the exception, by working alone. By working as team with both our internal and external collaborators, sharing our knowledge broadly and challenging each other to take on the toughest research problems, we will make a difference. 

Todd Eliot Golde MD PhD
Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Professor of Neurology
Director Center for Neurodegenerative Disease
Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Goizueta Institute Emory Brain Health
Emory University, School of Medicine 
Emory Location HSRB2 Office 642/650
Administrative Assistant. Tammy Jones. email: